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We’re here to help you find your future. From Testing jobs to top tech staffing positions, Betasharp Staffing offers a variety of opportunities to match your needs and skills.

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When you join Betasharp, our creative professional job network is your network. And since our creative recruitment agency has connections with leading companies in some of the most bustling markets – from Chicago to New York City, you’ll have access to more opportunities than ever before.

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| What We Offer

We offer career coaching, health insurance to a 401(k) match, our creative recruitment agency offers some of the most admired benefits in the industry for the selected W2 employees of Betasharp.

1. Healthcare Benefits

We get how important it is to be covered under your professional job. From medical to dental, you will be safe here.

2. Vacation and Holiday Pay

We believe in working hard and playing hard. That’s why we offer paid time off to help you achieve balance in every aspect of your life.

3. 401K Plan Benefit

Our 401(k) plan is one way we’re helping you reach your long-term goals. If you participate, we’re sure your future self will thank you.

4. Endless Job Opportunities

We’re looped into what our companies need, exactly when they need it. For you, that means we’ll always have endless options.

| Best We Can Do

We work hard to get you what you deserve – and we’re only happy when you are. We’ll even take care of your training, payrolls, and Income tax filings.

1. Personal Job Matching

Your designated Talent Representative will get to know your skills, your experience, what you’re looking for – and most importantly, you.

2. Portfolio Review

The key to success is putting your best foot forward. To help your portfolio stand out, your recruiter will be full of insight and ideas.

3. Career Coaching

We’ll help you nail every step of your journey – from interviewing to getting the most out of your career. After all, we’re experts for a reason.

4. Online Training

It’s a fast-moving industry and to help you stay ahead of technical, interpersonal, we offer online training on the latest and greatest.

| Our Employees Feedback

These are the words from the bottom of the hearts of our consultants on betasharp. Gratitude for everything and we are overwhelmed to have you in Betasharp