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Our Team of Industry Experts Will Identify Best-In-Class Talent For Your all types of client Positions. When working with us, you will partner with a Senior Recruiter who will be committed to your search no matter how specific the request. From sourcing and vetting candidates across the country to tap into our vast pool of candidate resources, our team will not rest until we have identified the best candidate for your job.

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| Staffing Services

| Our in House Talents

The large Job Seekers base of betasharp inc brings you the best work output in terms of the finding best talents for your requirements. Our strength is our team it diversifies as

1. Account Managers

Finding jobs, designing budgets and job assignments to each recruiter are the finest talents of our account managers.

2. Specialized Recruiters

Their search process is as fast as google, which engages in finding profiles from the job portals. Linkedin, social hiring, etc.

3. Technical Interviewers

Our screening team before every submission sends you the most genuine and worthy resumes to your mail desk.

4. Large Community Network

Our large community network filled with a huge number of consultants, w2 Job Seekerss, solid referrers gives you the best profiles in time.

| We are Client-Centric and Delivery Oriented

We know how the corporate world is changing today. We accept the challenges all the way coming from the industry. We know that our clients hardly find time to sift through hundreds (or thousands) of resumes when they need resources desperately. Our job is to find the best candidates in the market and present them to our clients promptly.

| Our Staffing Process

1. Discover

Discovering the best resource for your requirement with stipulated time.

2. Determine

Determine whether the discovered talent is suitable for your position or not

3. Delivery

Deliver the candidate service at the convenience of the client at his location.

4. Develop

Develop the resources according to therequirements after the selection.

| Best Nuggets

Our job is to give you the best resources on time and at the best possible rate. Our nuggets also include as follows.

1. Less Than 12 Hours TAT.

Stay relaxed! Our best turn around time practices (TAT) will find you best resources within the Six hours of ladder-board entry. Its a proven methodology.

2. 50 % of Job Finishes Here.

We do an out-and-out technical screening of each profile before submitting them to your desk. Great news! It saves 50% of your HR time and money.

3. Budget Resources.

Your troubling times are ending momentarily. We are here to submit you best resources within your budget. It boosts your profits by 10% spark right away.

4. 3/5 Success Rate.

3/5 Success rate in the interviews of our consultant has set a new benchmark among the other staffing firms in the industry. Our results are nothing but replication of our efforts.

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If you are interested in taking your organization to a level of success unknown previously, connect with us. We can help you anticipate your need for positions.

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