Refer someone and earn up to $5000 per month, Its easy job for great benefit.

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| Referral Program

We’re in the business of making connections. If you know someone who’s just as talented as you, introduce us and earn up to $5,000. If you want to earn an additional amount apart from your regular paycheck, Please try this because It's a very easy job. Our recruiter team will support you in finding the best referral for earning max price.

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| Referrals

1. Best Talents

Around here, connections are everything. That’s why we’re always looking to expand our network with brilliant people and innovative companies. Know any? talk to them right away, take support from our recruiters and connect call with Betasharp Executive. He will carry your next job.

You Can Refer:
  • New Jobseekers
  • Looking for a job change
  • Fresh Pass outs
  • Tech Leads
  • Sr. Software Developers
  • looking for Training
2. Best Clients/Vendors:

If you know any of the clients, vendors' personally, please join us with them. Our talented account managers will talk to them and can request new business opportunities. If anything goes well in this process, betasharp will pay you a referral bonus from the business that would have gained from your referred clients and vendors.

You Can Refer:
  • Startup Companies
  • Prime Vendors
  • Software Clients
  • Mid-level Vendors
  • Venture Capitalist

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