Our Journey was impeccable in the past and Progressive in the future.

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| What We Are ?

Over the years, our staffing employment agency has mastered the art of matching the talent. And it all boils down to the unique way we build our network. We stand behind the talent we represent – because we get to know them, check their references, and vet their skills. When you partner with us, you can be sure we’ve done our homework to find the best fit for you. And to make your job even easier, we’ll take care of the paperwork and forms so you don’t have to.

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| Progressive Pathway

Our fabulous journey for last six years has undergone great achievements and challenges.

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| What We Do ?

Our job is making your job easier – for small agencies to major corporations. Our staffing employment agency has a long history of building one-on-one relationships. We’ll match you with your very own account manager to hire freelancers and other talents, offer expert advice and be your dedicated point of contact at all times.

| Our Strong Stats

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| How We Help ?

Hiring can be a stressful task for any organization. Finding the right fit and using valuable company time to do it can be a difficult equation to solve. When you partner with betasharp staffing, we will help you solve even the most difficult staffing challenges.

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| Joyful Journey

Progressing Golden Days (2020)

Our predictions looking fancy for 2020, we have established a strong platform for new-age developments in software projects and staffing services to the clients.

Diversification (2019)

We started the new project services and inaugurated some of the projects like waasher and hirer for our clients, it was a wondrous experience.

Winning Performance (2018)

This year we made 50 + placements and captured some of our great clients like amazon, capital one, apple, equifax and many more.

Re-Engeneering (2017)

Re-engineering the organization was a great decision at those times to change the company patter of business and approach to the clients.

Team Building (2016)

This year we more focused on building great teams and keep them in the best root structure of the organization.

Pitching (2015)

The pitching concept to clients and vendors was perfect and brought approvals from the market to build the best customer base.

Incorporation (2014)

Betasharp has begun its baby steps in the year 2014 with a warm welcome to great achievements of the future.

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